Mold life management

The manufacturing plan is made under the order to keep mold functionality as long as possible. It is possible to significantly reduce costs and extend the lifetime of the mold due to regular maintenance and flexibility in cavity modifications in case dimensional changes are needed. Service is offered as an extra benefit for the customers of our molding shop or as a stand-alone.

Regular maintenance

By planning regular and predictive molds maintenance, we can prevent unpredictable breaking that can lead to serious repairing. By preventing unpredictable mold breakdown we can reduce downtime.

Major repairs

We offer major repairs at the end of mold operational lifetime that can increase mold operational lifetime by up to 100% at lower cost compared to manufacturing of new molds.

Spare parts

Long-term cooperation is our priority, in case the product dimensions will be changed we are able to modify the existing mold inserts without mold frame changes. By doing this, costs are significantly reduced because it is not necessary to produce a new mold.


We offer modifications of mold cavities, bringing expert risk assessment of impacts on the mold. A customer gain consists of a possibility to change the shape features of molded component in a specific mold and mainly, expert suggestions to avoid risks and maintain the tool’s functionality throughout the whole intended lifecycle.


We offer mold repairs, using our more than 25 years of experience with mold making and 20+ years of experience with molding operations. At heart of the service lays tests on a spotting press, or to allow for faster service – full test and proof of repair on one of our injection machines (link na lisy – modry text).

Mold Management

We offer a technical consulting for molding shops, which is built around our know-how from more than 650 internal projects and thanks to our sufficient experience with Far East suppliers. We will share our expertise of mold design and upon the completion, check the mold quality to bring you the benefits of smooth start of a new project and optimization of a molding process.

In case of a mold not passing the control, we are able to fix molded part dimensions or visual characteristics. Also, we guarantee a manufacturing capability for modifications, repairs or spare parts.

Reverse Engineering

We understand, molding shops may not possess 3D data needed for mold repairs and thus, we are able to create or adjust the data to reflect the current state. A customer gains a benefit of more flexible work with their suppliers and clearer and faster communication of requirements and understanding of the risks.